This table lists all the features RadLight Media Player has. You can easily compare what you get upgrading to PRO. For detailed description on features see User Guide.

Features Free version Pro version
Modular architecture X X
Full UNICODE support X X
Low CPU and memory usage X X
Highly flexible & extensible via third-party plugins and modules Yes, up to 3 modulesets X
Tabbed playlist Yes, up to 5 tabs X
Add location (removable drives) X X
Save/Load playlist X X
Repeat X X
Shuffle & intro modes X X
Sort (all kinds of sort) X X
Undo(one level) X X
Stop after current X X
Incremental search X X
Custom queues 3 songs X
Set as next X X
Lock current playlist X X
Send to playlist X X
Tag editor X X
Advanced drag&drop support Drop inside only X
Customizable columns & expressions (for every tab) X X
Content filtering X X
Media playback module based on DirectShow X X
Ability to set preferred decoder and source/splitter filters X X
Audio and Video renderer selection X X
Audio processing X X
Included Filter Manager X X
Blacklist feature X X
Multiple audio & video streams support (AVI, OGM, MKV, MP4..) X X
Matroska preferred language settings X X
ffdshow support X X
Media loader with advanced expression evaluator X X
Support for reading files from archives Must have 7zip Must have 7zip
ID3v1 & ID3v2 support X X
APEv2 support X X
WMA tag support Read only Read only
Vorbis comment support Read only Read only
Audio features
Volume & Balance X X
Mute X X
Playrate X X
Audio crossfade X X
Preamplification X X
Remove/amplify voice - X
+20dB boost - X
Amplify surround - X
Invert channels - X
Video features
Multi level ZOOM X X
Pan & Scan X X
Vertical & Horizontal Stretch X X
Vertical & Horizontal Shifting X X
Aspect ratio support X X
Touch from outside/inside (automatic Pan & Scan) X X
Fullscreen X X
Windowed mode X X
Video expand - X
Vertical flip X X
Double resolution - X
SHOUTcast support X X
Recording from stream - X
Customizable buffer size X X
Full support for SSA X X
Support for VobSub X X
Subtitle autoloading X X
Support for embedded subtitles X X
Customizable autoactivation - X
Shell extension X X
Associate files & folders with RadLight X X
Ability to add new extensions X X
Dynamically generated extension list X X
User interface
Advanced skin engine with Desktop alphablending X X
Always on top X X
Always on top while playing X X
Advanced multi-monitor support X X
On screen display (OSD) controls X X
Global hotkeys support - X
Keyboard input X X
Mouse input X X
WinLIRC support - X
Girder support - X
Network remote control support (PuTTy or Telnet) - X

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