Feeling limited with number of tabs? Want to drag outside the playlist? Upgrade to PRO. You'll get all this and much more.

Don't get limited
Make as much tabs as you need. This feature makes the playlist system even more powerful. It helps to keep your files sorted and thanks to perfect scrolling system they are really easy to access. Dragging outside the playlist makes filling your mp3 personal stereo or any other removable storage faster than ever. Simply drag song you want to have right with you and drop them onto your mp3 player icon and that's it.

Double resolution
This uniq feature causes your OSD buttons and especially subtitles to appear with higher resolution and consequently be more sharp and easier to read even with extra small font size. Combined with modern LCD panels this promises unforgetable and unusual experience.

Subtitle system
RadLight's system for subtitles is really sophisticated and overwrought. Autoloading function is certainty, but with PRO you are getting even more. Customizable autoactivation is a feature which causes autoloading to act the way you choose. Just select languages in which subtitles should be autoloaded and if the movie contains subtitles in other languages they'll simply be ignored. Even more you can choose what to do if the audio stream is in language you are fluent in.

It's all about DSP
All our DSP (digital signal processing) features keep the sound in your favourite movies just the way you like it. Always hated films where you hardly understand a word? With our remove/amplify voice DSP feature you can either amplify or remove voice by a single click.

Upgrade to PRO and check out all the other RadLight original features no other player can offer!!!

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